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Returned TV Lost by Samsung

(Topic created on: 06-03-2023 11:39 PM)
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Hello All,
Please read this as a warning. If you are returning a Samsung TV, you must take a video of you packing the TV back into the box and film yourself also handing it over to the Panther couriers Samsung use. 
On 31/12/2022 I purchased a Samsung  65" BU8000 TV for my father from Samsung. It was delivered 04/01/2023. 
Unfortunately, my father was not happy with the picture quality, and so I decided to return it for a refund.
After contacting Samsung, they barely accepted the refund and it was collected by Panther in its original packaging on 09/01/2023. Unfortunately, I did not take any photos or videos, never had to before and was never told to do so by Samsung either.
10 days later on 19/01/2023, I receive a confirmation that the returned item although collected on the 09/01/2023, it was not received by Samsung until the 12/01/2023. Not sure what happened to the TV during this time!
They advised me at that point that the refund will take 7-10 business days. 
Then I hear nothing from Samsung, not a single word until an email from them almost 2 months later on 02/03/2023, where they sent pictures of a damaged smaller 55" TV that is different from the one I ordered and sent back, and they accused me of sending the wrong TV back and have therefore refused to issue a refund. 
On phone calls with Samsung they have been unhelpful and simply stalling, and iterated their position despite what I have told them. 
Clearly, the TV was swapped/misplaced/lost/stolen at a time point between me returning either by the shipping company (Panther), or at the warehouse as it sat there for almost 2 months before they remembered processing it.  
Something is fundamentally wrong and I honestly don't know what else to do, but I thought it would be useful for someone out there to read this and take extra caution.
This was not my expectation from a company like Samsung, otherwise, I would have been careful to document the whole process of packaging the returned TV with videos and pictures etc. I am just lost for words!
Be careful!
Hi the delivery company you mentioned did the same thing to me 3 years back I not only fought but also made them pay me compensation. Look for any evidence you may have. Samsung doesn't steal it's the delivery partners. Good luck
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I wish I had seen this before deciding to return my TV to Samsung with Panther. 

The exact same thing has just happened to me last month. I'm still attempting to get this situation resolved directly with Samsung. If not, I will seek legal assistance. 

Good luck!

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WOW... I've had this happen to me this month. I'm surprised that they still use this partner