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Please help. Ordered TV thats never arrived

(Topic created on: 17-08-2022 10:06 PM)

Hi there 


Apologies if this is in the wrong board but I'm hoping someone, anyone can help me.


Bought a TV and soundbar from Samsung on the 9th direct online. Both for next day delivery.

Soundbar arrived via DPD but then got a message saying they were unable to deliver the TV.

Called the courier (Panther Logistics) who confirmed they had it and it would be delivered on the 12th.

12th comes... get a text saying they can't deliver it as its not arrived in time from the supplier. I call them and they say its NEVER arrived there. So first call its there... second its never been there.

Over the last 7 days I've called Samsung every day who have said every day "its been raised and I'll hear back in 24-48 hours". They never come back to me. Every other day I call or go on chat they say the same thing. They never answer me.

However in these chats so have confirmed:

It was shipped on the 9th

Its hasn't been shipped

The problem is with Panther 

We don't know where it is.


I'm at my wits end. Does anyone have any way of contacting someone in the UK that can take control of this? I'm £2500 in the red here and no one will help me work out when it'll be resolved. They won't even refund me as they ask for the return slip in the box... I haven't had the thing so how could I?

If anyone has any way of helping please do, as Samsung will not help. 😞

Unfortunately I have no experience with your situation, however I can totally understand and share your frustration
Two months ago I used Samsung directly for S22 Ultra and it came pratically well under 24hrs

Few days ago placed an order for the watch 5 pro, I know the dispatch day is 26th of August.. After reading your post.. I am keeping everything crossed not just the fingers

Tc buddy and hope someone will advise, or possibly have a chat with your card provider
The responsible party is Samsung, as their contract is with Panther and the customer cannot engage with them beyond simple tracking enquiries. Samsung have a responsibility to ensure the contract is fulfilled, and they have failed to do that if the customer hasn't taken delivery of the item. In my opinion the customer needs to file a complaint with Samsung as they have formed an agreement to provide goods which have not yet been provided. If they have to send another television and take it up with Panther then that's their problem.
This is what ive told them, but the helpline in Manilla just regurgitate the same scripted line about being sorry and they would feel the same... they will look into it. They all say the same line. Don't commit to a time or what they are doing to fix it. It's against consumer law all this. They aren't even escalating it... its a nightmare.
If it were me I would speak to my bank and seek their advice on whether a chargeback is necessary. As far as I understand it if they have not provided the goods and you have been unable to achieve a resolution then you are within your rights to do this, although I would double check this with them first.