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Order cancelled but no refund or actual cancellation

(Topic created on: 06-07-2021 04:59 PM)
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Probably not the right place to post but I'm at wits end and getting nothing useful from the shop support number.

I placed an order with the Samsung online store on the 10th June (UK210610-13016644) for an S21 ultra.

On the 14th June, the courier refused to deliver because the address on the parcel was incomplete.

I contacted the courier and was told that only Samsung can update the address. I contacted the Samsung online store at 0330 726 7467 twice on the 14th June.

The first time I was told the address would be updated and the parcel redelivered - and that I would receive confirmation shortly after the phone call. I called back later that day (the 14th) as I had received no email and was told that no action had been taken since the first phone call. I again explained the situation and was told the address would be updated and the phone redelivered ASAP.

On the 15th of June, I still had received no confirmation or email from Samsung so I checked the parcel tracking information to discover it was being returned to Samsung. I called the same number as above and asked why the parcel was being returned - I was told that the address had not been updated and that they had no option but to cancel the order. I was told that I would need to re-order & that I would need to be more careful entering the address next time - despite the error being on your end (all emails show the complete, correct address - only the parcel is wrong).

On the 16th June - even though I have been told the order was cancelled - I received an email from Samsung customer services telling me the order is complete. No mention of cancellation. No acknowledgement that I still do not have the phone I ordered. No acknowledgement of Samsung's mistake, and no mention what-so-ever of the refund. I also received a letter on that morning from the network with whom I bought the phone (Three/H3G - through the Samsung website) welcoming me to the plan. The letter is correctly addressed.
I called back the support number and was again told the order is completely cancelled, I do not need to take any extra steps and the refund will be with me within 7 days.

Today - the 6th July - I was charged  £50+ for the Three/H3G contract. I contact Three/H3G and they inform me that Samsung has made no attempt to cancel the contract. I again call the support phone number during my lunch and explain the situation - I'm told that they will process the refund and get back to me. I ask the person I am speaking to to send me an email confirmation that the order was cancelled on the 16th June - as without acknowledgement from Samsung, Three is unwilling to cancel the contract or refund me the charges. The support rep. tells me she is unable to provide any such information or process a cancellation. I ask to speak to a manager or supervisor and she hangs up on me.  I attempt to call back after work, I explain the situation to a different support rep - I provide the order reference and get hung up on again.

How does a company this big have such atrocious customer service?


Sorry to hear you have had such problems.  I am confused about the contract side of things, when buying a phone directly from Samsung store, as these are usually sold 'Sim Free' and unlocked to any network.  

You are not the first to complain about Samsung customer service and I am sure not going to be the last.  Personally I have never had any problems over the years, and judging by some comments on here I am very thankful that my S8+,S10+ and S21 ultra preorder purchases, trade ins and accessories have always come to me without any hitches.  I have never had any issues with Samsung customer service (I am touching wood right now !)


It seems to me that your situation is more complex due to the contract with Three... sorry I can't comment on that as I have always bought my phones unlocked direct from Samsung, and then hunted down the best deal for a sim-card separately.  I don't quite see how this works for you and the attachment to Three when buying direct from Samsung.    I would suggest that the communication is not great, but this needs to be resolved between Three and Samsung. 


The unfortunate thing if that you have now exceeded your 14 day cooling period, so Three network are suggesting you are now bound by the terms of the 2 year contract that you have agreed... 


I hope you get it sorted.  Sorry to hear your issues


Kind Regards

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Samsung offer handsets on pay monthly contracts too.

You just need to choose the option during the checkout process.


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