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Discount tricks by Samsung

(Topic created on: 04-09-2020 08:55 PM)
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I have had  issues with the 20% discount and /trade-in. when I purchased my S10 and a Samsung E Fit The discount was not calculated correctly,  I contacted the Support team but they did not respond I then contacted the CEO office and they promised to confirm the discount but then the did not respond in time so I still placed the order. I was then told they will provide a gift voucher to use on new products. Which does not seem fair as they have forced me to purchase other products when they new their discounts were not working properly. I have sent several. Emails to the CEO team, but now they do not respond as I’ve already made the purchase. Mis leading customers is not a good way to sell products.  I wonder home many people also fell for the discount and did not bother to chase them up ? They also do not bother to respond to emails. I contacted the Twitter team the asked me to call the support number. When I called they told me to wait for an email reply, but they continue to ignore my requests for an explanation and response to my emails. Each email was logged as a new issue and then closed. They also did not deliver my order when they had already confirmed the delivery via DPD. I chased them again and they promised to see where my delivery was and also offered some compensation, however no one called me back or have provided the agreed compensation. They just lie to you and hope you would just forget it. They promise to send you emails but then don’t and then give you  the excuse that it must have disappeared ed or in my junk mail box. All tricks used to deter you. I would not trust them at all. This is very disappointing and poor from a well known global company,. Let’s see if anyone else has also experienced the same level of service and been mislead on the discount too.