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Odyssey G9 DisplayPort Source Game Settings Aren't Unique

(Topic created on: 28-06-2021 11:16 PM)
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I am on the latest 1010.2 firmware. I run a PS5 and a MacBook Pro on the two DP inputs on my G9. I purchased an active HDMI to DP adapter for the PS5 so I can use the higher refresh rates (120hz) only supported on the DP inputs and not supported by the G9 on the HDMI port (big disappointment when I realized I missed this in the tech specs).

When both DP ports are set to PC mode, I can't figure out how to change the monitor "Game" menu settings for my PS5 source (DP2) without altering the settings for my MacbookPro (DP1). They need to have different source/Game settings to be usable. Whenever I change a setting on DP2 to be optimal for the PS5 it also changes the settings on DP1 making my MacBook Pro unusable unless I manually change the settings every time I switch sources. If the PS5 (DP2) is set to AV mode, then the settings are mostly unique. The Response Time Setting seems to be shared no matter the PC/AV mode selected, which isn't a big deal. The main problem is the Adaptive Sync setting is shared across sources even if DP2 is AV mode and DP1 is PC. This is a bigger problem as the PS5 must be run in the 21:9 Screen Size setting (since it doesn't support 1440p), which is not available when Adaptive Sync is On.

It doesn't doesn't make any sense to have two different physical inputs/sources share the same settings in the monitor firmware when they can be used by very different systems for different applications. My previous LG monitor had unique picture settings for each input. Am I missing a setting? How can this be fixed? Thanks

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try installing Easy Settings Box to your PC - link


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