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Bixby Voice Command UK -Music

(Topic created on: 23-08-2017 06:41 AM)
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The UK rollout of Bixby was finally announced today. Activated new functionality on my S8+ expecting 'SIRI' capability or better. After 1 hour of requests and tests, I can honestly say that my dog is more capable at carrying out commands.

For instance I use Samsung music app to play my saved music so "Hi Bixby, open Samsung music, play.......". Absolute basic stuff using Samsung's own integrated programme, exactly as marketed by Samsung.

Bixby response "In order to play music you will need to download Google music player".   

Why, when this voice feature was sold on integrating more Samsung features not pseudo Android associated sales opportunities. I don't want Google music player or do I have no choice if I want to use Bixby?

Bixby is unable to understand the Queen's English including the most basic of general commands nor simple Christian names as listed in Contact directory.

Utter rubbish and totally misleading capability to date. Samsung please sort this now.

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Yeah, unfortunately, MANY people complained about Samsung having their own apps for everything, and were considered "bloat" I love the S8 music app, especially that edge lighting, but it does NOT support Bixby because now Samsung and Google have a partnership you should be able to get 3 free months of Play music if you haven't signed up before and that works very well with Bixby.
Bixby itself is American English and Korean only. Try speaking in an exaggerated American accent and it works like a charm - its pretty funny at times. but it does with my RP accent most of the time.
Bixby is best for controlling your phone. especially changing in depth settings. and quick commands make it even easier. I only have to say, "update apps" for it to open play store, go to my apps, check for updates and begin update downloads.
Similar command for checking for software updates in settings.
going to YouTube subscriptions and Facebook notifications, opening notifications, deleting and moving emails. try out different commands and then make quick ones. I do find it to be useful.