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Your payment was unable to process. Please try again or contact your payment provider.

(Topic created on: 28-06-2021 02:12 PM)

I have tried to purchase an S20 FE five times using PayPal credit every time the order has failed to complete. On each occasion I go through the PayPal pop-up and everything goes though as intended and I'm instructed to "return to merchant". Upon retuning to checkout I'm greeted with the following message:

"Something went wrong
Your payment was unable to process. Please try again or contact your payment provider."
I have contacted PayPal and everything is rosy on their end and I'm inclined to agree as each time a pending transaction has entered my PayPal statement and I have received an email each time with a transaction ID.
I'm utterly fed up having contacted Samsung support via phone (twice), via chat (twice) and via Facebook messenger and on each occasion they have been completely useless. Support have told me they cannot see the pending transactions (even though I can provide them with an invoice number that PayPal had given me over the phone) so cannot reject them and that I have to wait until they expire (could be up to 30 days). Meanwhile I still cannot get the order to complete.
Figured I would see if anyone else has had similar issues before I give up entirely and chalk it up as a bad job.
Any advise would be appreciated.
First Poster

I recently tried purchasing from Samsung US and I had the same issue. I tried paying via Paypal (linked to my credit card) and I got the same error. I tried once again but to no avail. I did not receive an email from Samsung so I don't have an order ID. However, I have 2 transactions in Paypal marked as 'pending.' It has the message 'Your payment method will be charged when Samsung Electronics America completes your order.' No money has been debited from my card so no harm done yet but I want to get rid of these pending transactions. Any idea when this will be automatically cancelled?