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Video and audio do not match

(Topic created on: 07-12-2020 03:38 PM)
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After making a video on my samsung m11 phone, edit it and put it in adobe premiere, audio and video will not match. The two go separately. Give me a solution


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Your message hasn't displayed properly. It looks like you've edited the file.How did you do this?

I've been getting same issue, here's what I've noticed so far... (posted on another thread with same problem)

I started getting this, I'm assuming after latest camera update.  I use Samsung's native camera which I was happy with. I record a lot of videos and usually, I trim them straight away in the camera's editor.  For the last couple of weeks or so, the first 2.14ms disappear once I hit edit button or try to edit it in any way.  If I don't try to edit and just upload to my computer, when I play it, it just plays those first 2.14ms super fast then it syncs with sound.  As soon as I open in an editor (i.e. Adobe premiere) sound and video are out of sync again, first 2.14ms just aren't there anymore.  I haven't changed anything, but there must have been some upgrade that is causing this? 

If I record something and play it through the camera it's in sync, but as I soon as I press the edit button in the camera app itself, the sound lags behind and first 2.14ms seem to get deleted...

I don't know if it's related or not but this also coincided with the camera 'click' sound suddenly no longer working.  So I could take silent photos - which was nice, but previously impossible to stop the clicking sound, and then suddenly it was just gone.

NOTE I have a Galaxy S8 - but when I searched this thread appeared.


EDIT: Issue isn't there when I use Open Camera then edit via Samsung's Gallery - so it looks like the issue is with Samsung's native camera, I have version which is latest version on 18 July 2021.  If there was a way I could revert to earlier release I would!