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Samsung S20FE slow charging issue (Only fast charges)

(Topic created on: 27-07-2021 05:27 AM)
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Hi, I have a Samsung Galaxy FE. Its about 3 months old now and I have had no real issues with it. The battery life day to day isnt the greatest but its fine.

The last two nights I have had it on charge though, I plug it in and from say 12% battery itll say it will take 1.5hrs  to charge to full. Then within a minute it suddenly says itll take 4.58hrs! So I just left it on charge and then 8 hours later I wake up and look to find its still only on 59%! 

It charges quickly on 'fast charge' to 100%. So its not like I cant charge it. But I figure to get more life long term out of the battery its better to slow charge and I cant understand why it would fast charge, and until 2 days ago slow charge in a couple of hours not slow charging in less than 8 hours!


Just wondering if anyone has any ideas? :smiling-face: Thanks

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That's certainly a conundrum @JonnyHJ 

Are you able to try another Samsung charging brick and cord  / charging pad ?

A Samsung Experience Store or Samsung Service Centre can take a look at your phone too. 


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