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Samsung galaxy s9 won't update after trying everything

(Topic created on: 03-11-2020 12:23 PM)
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I bought my Samsung galaxy s9 about a year ago, and it was an American import (I'm in Australia). The phone was unlocked so I could use it with my Australian Sim, but it will not update. I've tried everything, making phone calls in my country to remove any region locks that might be present, using the PC link thing to try and force it to update, but none of it worked. When I go to see if there's an update in settings, it says the system is up to date, when I know for a fact it isn't. I want to update my device to oneUI but it's still on the old UI that came with the old s8. Any ideas on how to fix this?

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Hi @AbugRed 


This can be one of the issues with an imported phone i.e updates as your reliant on the country of origin releasing it. They can be slower.


A Region Lock would only stop another regions sim card being used in it but from what you say  as it already accepts your countries sim card that must have been lifted.


You could try Smartswitch to see if there's an update that way via a computer unless that's what you've already tried.


If your the same as the UK then your own country's Samsung support department may not help because it's an imported phone.


What update are you chasing i.e security update or software update ? Your phone should accept the One Ui 2 and Android 10.


Your phone may have reached it's lifespan of software updates !


You could look at a custom rom. There are some good tutorials and advice on the site.


Disclaimer 》
Using a Custom Rom can bring about an unstable phone or it may not work properly if the process glitches or the wrong Rom is used.
A person takes full responsibility if they perform this process and do so at their own informed decision. Samsung would levy a charge to put this right and as yours is an imported phone they may not even be able to help.


I wish you all the best with this. 



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