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S9 Android Auto "Ghost Touch" issue

(Topic created on: 20-04-2019 06:41 AM)
First Poster

Lately when I've been using my S9 while driving, the screens change randomly on my Android Auto head unit...without any input from me.


I'll have the music player on screen, then it will switch to Navigation/Maps, then a short time later, it'll switch to the Phone screen, Home screen, then Maps on and so forth.


I've tested it just parked in the driveway, with my S9 and my Galaxy Tab S4. Also tried using different cables going from the phone/tablet to the head unit.


When I use the tablet there are no problems, with either cable, but when I use the S9, it's as if someone is doing a major tap dance on the touchscreen.


It's only happening in Android Auto mode with the app selection's not doing anything in the apps themselves (ie changing songs, dialing phone numbers etc) and using the head unit outside AA mode, there are also no issues whatsoever.


Every way I've tested suggests it's stemming from my S9, and not the cable, head unit, Android Auto app, etc.


Any help would be much appreciated, as it's irritating the life out of me and making my AA impossible to use.