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S21 ULTRA 512GB Snapdragon Overheating

(Topic created on: 13-04-2021 06:06 AM)

I got this phone a week ago, literally using the camera for a bit causes it to overheat, if anyone has this phone, just go to camera and run the video on say FHD 60 for 10 mins straight then feel around the camera module, and feel the top of the front screen where the camera is or top half of the screen and you could cook an egg on it, you dont expect that to be the case for a 1700 dollar phone, I will probably just return it within the 15 days and im skeptical if I should just get a full refund or get another device and try it one more time, from the internet it seems like im not the only one, and some solutions people are saying that worked was to reset the entire phone again, I already have all my data on the phone, why would I go through another factory reset without knowing for sure if it will solve the problem this is annoying. I heard some people with the Exynos version are also facing similar problems. 

Edit: I replaced my model with another one, this one does not heat up as much, so I think the other one was just defective, the s21 ultra does tend to get hot, but I was told it is normal and it does not display the overheating message anymore for me.

We Exynos S21 owners who have experienced or are still experiencing the overheating camera issue need to know that this problem is NOT purely a chip issue Sheroz.. We need to see that Snapdragon devices can suffer the same issue too. My phone has cooled off very noticeably after two months of use and software updates and I am really enjoying using the magnificent camera now for up to an hour at a time but I feel for people like yourself Sheroz who are still having thermal problems that are completely killing the experience with the camera. I would honestly recommend that you take your phone back and try another S21 Ultra if this problem persists or worsens and hopefully discover what you have been missing out on as any other phone on the market would be a downgrade believe me. I think a lot of Exynos S21 owners need to read this post of yours Sheroz. Thanks again for posting it and the best of luck to you. 👍👍
I had the same problem and after changing 2 of them I decided to ask for a refund.
Now I am using 12promax and I gotta say I am happy!
Kioumars Afsharian
First Poster

I received this phone over 3 months ago and it overheats when I use it for a while. It overheats so much that I cannot even hold it in my hands. This is a s21 ultra 512 phone.

The customer service of Samsung is awful too in Iran and no one is even replying.

This problem mostly occurs when using the camera and video calling...

Thank you very much for considering my note.
Kioumars Afsharian