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S20 Gallery UI 3 Android 11 - Gallery App glitch

(Topic created on: 11-01-2021 10:49 PM)
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Since the last update I have noticed when uploading pictures into my phone, the gallery app is unable to sort the photos correctly either by Name, Date created, or Date modified by Ascending or Descending order. It is my most used app and I use it mostly to make GIFs, however not with the GIF maker from the video app. I would normally record a video of niece or nephew, pets playing and if there is something I find interesting or funny I would upload the video into my computer and play it using GOM player. I would then use the Burst Capture Photo function (by frame rate) PNG file and upload those photos back into my phone. I would normally sort the photos either by name or date created (doesn't really matter as it should be the same) and select the maximum 230 photos and create a GIF (this way it is a much higher quality than your normal GIF makers. However since this update, the first 50 photos will be sorted correctly, after that the order seems to follow its own pattern. When the GIF is created, it starts out fine and then the subjects in the GIF start to glitch making it look like they are having an epileptic seizure. Anyway you can fix the SORT option to correctly sort the files?


Thank you!


Hey @Lucky2009 ,


that doesn't seem right to me and I would suggest sending an Error Report to our developers to get this looked at. When you send this please remember to capture the log after the issue happens and send also a video/image displaying the issue so they can have a look at this and provide you with a solution or advise you further.


To send this, open the Samsung Members app> Tap the + symbol at the bottom right> Error reports> Application> Input the symptoms and add the log and video or image.