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Rip Off Samsung

(Topic created on: 13-04-2021 03:56 PM)
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After 65 days and an email and text on thec08th April, confirming despatch of my promotional items, today  on th 13th April Samsung advises me that delivery has taken place on the 11th March. Must have a f***ing time machine.

I have been in touch after the 45 day wait period only to be told, problem with fullfilment team. Have never mentiomed anything about 11th March before today.
Samsung you nothing more that stinking liars. You do not deserve my custom and ad of today you can shove the promotional item up somewherevit hurts. F***ing ridiculous to sit there and lie and then to ask me to fill in a form to blame Yodel for a delivery that has never taken place. If you are so desperate, keep 'em.
How sarcastic and untruthfull you are. Send a confirmation email and text on the 08th April to advise of shipment. And the have the audacity to bulls**t that the delivery has actually taken place a month earlier. Jokers........
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Sounds like typical Yodel if you ask me. They're the worst and most scammiest(?) delivery company there is. I've had several disputes with them in the past, one of which is similar to your situation. They claimed my item was delivered when it clearly wasn't, I was standing at my door and saw the driver hand it off to someone on the street (ofcourse I didn't know it was my delivery). I disputed the delivery claim with the buyer who sent me some scribbled signature as proof of delivery. I queried who signed it and they claimed it was some female description which bears no semblance to anyone living at my property. Luckily I got my refund quickly and advised the seller to never enlist Yodel as their courier (sadly this lands on deaf ears). Needless to say, I avoid any purchase that involves them as a delivery option. This is also formal advice to Samsung, DO NOT USE YODEL as one of your couriers (fruitless this may be).

I'm sorry to hear of your plight and I know you can't choose who delivered your items, but I would take that frustration out on the real culprit here which is Yodel.
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Hi Josie.

I understand where you are coming from. But, for 65 days Samsung have never mentioned a ship date. This has nothing to do with Yodel. Once your claim is verified, Samsung say it can take up to 45 days to ship and details of shipping will be provided.
Well that has not been the case. Samsung have NEVER confirmed delivery details. So after thec45 day period, once I got in touch, the should have mentioned the 11th March. My contact with them was after that date.
But instead they have told me that stock levels were very low and the fulfilment team were awaiting stock. This went on for several weeks. Me contacting them and chasing something they owed me. On thev08th of April, I finally receive confirmation that the items had shipped and Yodel would be in touch to deliver within the next few days.
On thec12th, four days later, I again contacted Samsung regarding my delivery and why the delay. Supposedly, the items had shipped on the 08th April.
Today the 13th April, Samsung come back to me saying delivery has been COMPLETED BUT ON THE 11TH MARCH..????
So the ship on the 08th April and delivery has taken place on the 11th March. A month earlier. How is that possible?????
Samsung want me to fill in a claim form which is both fraudulent and dishonest. How can I knowingly fill in a form when I have emails from the last 20 days advising me of an issue at Samsung's warehouse. I did not sign up to lie.
So as far as I am concerned, they can ***** off and I will be shortly selling all my Samsung gear on ebay, put some additional cash in and buy new Apple items from now on..
Samsung are dishonest liars. I have proof in all previous and past communications. And now to lay the blame with a third party is dishonourable, especially with my help.
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I never bother with em mate,waste of time,it's all bulls**t same as the cars.I wouldn't let em use me TBH.Its like the after sale views,nonsense.....

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Totally agree. Oh well for the sake of a promotion, that they did not fulfill, they've lost a customer forever.