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(Topic created on: 23-11-2022 05:40 PM)
Y b normal
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Have s21 with inoperable functions wifi and mobile hotspot  inoperable  ( plan allows ) .phone under warranty but they refuse to do a direct replacement  they give me the " options" of only having one option which is not an option , sending the phone out to them . They tell me that direct replacement is above them but will NOT connect me or give me access info for above them . I've been on with every tech dept.for hours on end and have been to their suggested authorized service center   and nothing done has resolved the issue  . They don't even wanna hear about the direct reach ment option I give them they keep telling me about other options they can't explore wich is the only option they are programed to give you. Send the phone out they'll have it for over a week.  And get one back to you sometime. All this at the expense of wasting customers valuable time  not to mention transporting cost of  gas that's been used to go to authorizes dealers and service centers thus far and to take it to a shipping location  not all of us have one down the street . 

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In the uk a phone will be replaced if under the initial 14 day cooling off period.

May I ask a few questions please......

How long have you owned the phone ?

After that Samsung will offer a Repair.

Did Samsung directly supply the phone to you @Y b normal 

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