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OneUI 4.0 is buggy.

(Topic created on: 07-03-2022 12:22 PM)

So basically, the moment I installed OneUI 4.0 I noticed it wasn't anything special.


Then a day later I noticed background (standby) battery usage has gone up and I can't last through a day with it.


If you use swipe gestures to navigate, if you swipe up slightly and let go you will see the edges of the app are not filled (as the animation is transitioning from a recent apps "card" to an app) you can also not use the app for a few seconds until that transition is done. 

Previously working, now broken codec/VideoTrimmer app which makes every render useless, videos will either have no audio or won't upload at all. The workaround is to render the same video again as a "Movie" when you go to "Create" in Gallery.


Why do I have to suffer for an incremental update, OneUI 3.5 did just fine. I will most likely rollback to it, since even if we get update 4.1, I am sure it won't fix any of the aforementioned issues.

Big Cheese
Yes kopa OneUI 4.0 is buggy for sure. My Exynos S21 Ultra has not suffered as badly as some people's phones with only a glitch in YouTube and juddery video playback in MX player Pro being my only issues, both of which I can work around. I have to ask though if my problems are caused by the update itself or by any of the two apps concerned not being fully optimized for android 12?.. Who knows, but I look forward to OneUI 4.1 arriving and see if that sorts any of my little issues out. If it doesn't then to be fair I will just wait patiently for another update as I am having so much fun with my phones photographic and video capabilities to let anything get me down in any way.. I really feel for any new S22 owners especially though at the moment as bedding in an optimizing a new phone that is on slightly buggy software must be a complete pain for some..👍

True, I am an S10+ user and I love the phone, however the OneUI 4.0 ruined a few things I used so often. Especially the VideoTrimmer app... I used it almost daily. As per UI issues, it's even worse as you use your phone's UI every single day, and for OneUI 4.0 the UI took a few hits, at least for the S10+ variant. Other phones might not have the same issue. I don't even know if we will receive OneUI 4.1 - I hope we (S10/Note10) get that update and it fixes the issues.