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One UI update ruined my phone!

(Topic created on: 20-04-2019 05:14 PM)
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What the hell were you thinking when you rolled out this upgrade? I literally hate everything about it. My battery is draining faster. The icons look childish. Voice-to-text isn't working properly. SMS background cannot be changed. Camera functions have all changed. The egos your designers and executives must have to say "this is what we like...and you're going to like it too."

Well, no offense, but **** you Samsung! I'm done with you. I paid a thousand dollars for a phone that has no use to me now. How dare you.. to not give us the option to return to the way our phones were before the upgrade. Imagine taking your car in for an oil change, and the dealer informs you that we replaced your 400 horsepower engine with a 3 cylinder 200 horsepower engine because we think we know what is best for you. You would most likely tell the dealer to eat a ****, which is what I'm telling you to do, Samsung. I'll never give you the chance to screw me over again. 

So it seems as though many people are having the same issues and yes i totally agree with you, the phone is an absolute piece of s@#t now, but i see many others complaining to a company that just doesn't give ***** about it.
If its such an issue to the users and we all hate it, lets start a joint class action against samsung, im sure 1,000's of people will join it, much better than complaining to a company that clearly doesn't give a rats.