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New Update UI is awful

(Topic created on: 03-02-2022 11:51 PM)
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Does anyone else hate the new UI?

Notifications appear tiny and show less.

The brightness bar doesn't even show the current brightness and is basically just a solid bar.

Power saving setting for -10% brightness doesn't work anymore and I'm constantly checking to see if my brightness is lowest at night because I can't even tell what my brightness is on.

I don't know of it's related to the update in any way but from the same time of the update Google Chrome makes it more annoying to use because half the time it randomly doesn't let you use the search bar when you open it and wants you to open a new tab or select the one you were previously on but by default it appears that you're on a new tab anyway.

Going to view all apps basically removed your phone background.

When scanning QR codes you now need to select "options" before opening or copying the link as if it compacts it even though it barely saves space and takes up a fifth of the screen space to begin with and either way there isn't an option to remove it so it may as well ask for the only two options anyway since there's no button to remove it and they already assume in the only options and design that it'll take up a significant part of the screen and ask for those two options except now they have extra steps to press one of two buttons.

The update is uncomfortable, tedious to navigate and even look at and some parts are just incomprehensible. A lot of this needs to be undone because it's been weeks and I was hoping I'd get used to it but I just can't.

This is horrible Android 12 !my phone is ***** ***** 😒!is too much chopping apps 😤 😒 is not run smooth 😤 awful!terrible purchased I must cancelled contract!and finished Android go to IPhone....all here at home everyone been using iPhone not problem at all my family have told me