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Misery of Samsung Android 12 version

(Topic created on: 26-12-2021 09:30 AM)
  1. How is the awful stretchy scrolling turned off?. Where is the setting to destroy this complete and utter rubbish?
  2. Where is the setting to turn off enhanced notifications so that MY notifications on MY phone are received how I want them and not how Samsung decides I should have them
  3. Where is the setting to restore notifications fonts to how they were under 3.1 UI. WE don’t have all 20/20 vision and carrying a magnifying glass around is not convenient unless Samsung are preparing to include a Samsung one with every phone.
  4. Why is there not a setting to hide fingerprint icon on the lock screen just as the people who use AOD have an option to do so.
  5. I have my own lock screens and yet randomly the default Samsung live wallpaper takes over and I have dynamic wallpaper off and wallpaper services forced stopped.


  1. How this was all this  permitted in the final release and how do Samsung think they have the arrogance to inflict this on to us.. Could we have an actual developer who was involved with this on here to explain the reasoning in ruining the experience of my £1200 phone  which was working perfectly when I purchased it with Android 11
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Hi @Casjen 


It's concerning when I see posts like this as no-one wants to see a person personally experience a poor user experience with any new software update.

I have the Fold³ so I don't yet have Android 12 with Samsung One Ui 4 on it but I'll certainly be carrying out some homework before updating my phone as I always have done in the past.

If you haven't already can I suggest to also send your feedback via the Samsung Members App under GetHelp.

Hopefully another member with the update on their phone which I'm assuming is a Samsung Galaxy s21 can share their own thoughts and initial impressions.

With Beta being open to anyone who is eligible via the Samsung Members App not all are developers and not all provide feedback on the journey of the Beta Programme. Some just want the new software to try put which is their perogative. 

That said those that did send feedback throughout the Beta Programme Journey Hopefully would have highlighted what aspects of the new update didn't tick their own wants and needs boxes.

With Android being open sourced Samsung can and will listen to people and if deemed necessary and achievable change things via updates.

I'm confident the Samsung Team here will also feedback personal experiences like yours to the Samsung Development Team too.

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