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Galaxy S9 and S9+ dropping wifi

(Topic created on: 23-01-2021 11:20 AM)

As the subject says, then our Galaxy phones in this home just keep dropping the wifi.

Here is what we have tried so far:

1. Updating all phones as well as the router

2. Turning off hotspot 2.0

3. Turning off 5 Ghz

4. Turning off 2.4 Ghz and only run on the 5 Ghz

5. Every change included restarting router and phones!

6. Turning on GPS, turning off GPS

7. Turning on Mobile Data, turning off Mobile data

8. Downloaded package sniffers to see what the heck the phone was up to!

9. Run with static IP for the phones, turned off static IP for phones

and probably a few more things I cannot even remember as I write to you right now.


Funny thing though. I have devices that use 2.4 Ghz and/or 5 Ghz, but they have no problems. We got iPhones and iPads in the household, they got no problems. But the durned Samsung GS9/9+ just doesn't want to wifi.

When it turns on, it shows exclamation mark, as soon as I have done any of the things described further up, it shows wifi without exclamation mark. Give it 2 minutes and the wifi still shows as running, but all connection is lost and then it only turns on a few seconds to then break connection.

I have been in contact with Samsung who gave up on me...

I have tried to solve the problem on my own by checking out other routers and how they solved the problem, issue is...
The problem is Samsung, the way you have programmed the drivers to deal with the wifi.

The answering time from the phone is too slow. Those who created opensource software for the routers stated, that the only way to keep the connection with the Samsung phone, was by allowing the reply of the handshake with the phone to last forever, otherwise it would drop again...


Please fix this issue Samsung, this is on you!

I have same problem with Galaxy S8+ (from long time) and after I install Android 11 1st or 2nd. Beta UI 3.0 on Galaxy S10+ (3rd beta version didn't fix issue) ... when I was on Android 10 I didn't have problems with my S10+

Currently writing from the phone, running through mobile data.


An addition to what I also have tried now is to bind IP address, as well as binding MAC address to the router...

Same old same...

When reading the routers communication with the phone, the phone sends a single request and the router replies, but even though the phone recieves the reply, it does nothing to keep the connection.

Sorry Samsung, it still points back at you.

Please get involved with solving this.