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A fairy story

(Topic created on: 27-11-2021 05:36 AM)

Once upon a time, a long time ago an apple created a device that they thought was going to change the world. People flocked to be part of the "i" revolution, and apple wanted World domination. And for a few years they managed to brainwash users that they were God, and all should kneel before them.

Them there was an uprising, people wanted choice, and the android revolution started. You could add memory, swap batteries and the cameras were far superior.  And for years Samsung grasped this opportunity and produced quality products, giving users stability, choice and flexibility, and Apple users freeded themselves from their shackles. Samsung showed Apple that consumers will change to a superior product. And for years Samsung users repaid their debt by loyalty and repeat purchasing,  and gave  thanks to the Samsung gods who had released them from the apple 

Then they released android 12 ui4.0 and ruined it all, thus forcing everyone to have a second bite of the apple.


The end

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Apple updates are that good that when it's updated, you can't see any difference. When android updates and dares to give consumers more features, improved user experience etc. Things will inevitably get bugs that need ironing out. Do you get the jist of what im saying ? You don't improve & move forward by standing still and staying the same. That's where samsung come in !
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Although now, just like apple, you cannot change the battery or increase the storage. - Shame! 😪
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I've never had a failed battery on a samsung, and 128gb of faster internal storage minimum + cloud storage is more than enough for most people. But doubling it easy to choose at checkout.
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A new android version and Samsung One Ui can and will sometimes clash and glitch with apps and features.

Then there's the bits networks add to their branded versions of the phones that can cause glitches occasionally. 

The app developers  / creators and theme creators then have to adjust their apps to try and make sure things work.

Apple make their own iOS firmware and use it on nothing but iPhones and iPads and networks can't have a say in how it works so there's no intervention from anywhere outside the Apple bubble.

This is why things always seem to work on Apple phones , but not always going from my own personal experience and posts on the Apple Community Forum.

Apple were also found to be under clocking their older iPhones to make sure the new iOS worked on it, in effect dumbing down the capabilities of the phone , and I've known them to stop certain features from the new iOS working because of the older tech they were allowing it to be downloaded onto.

Android is open sourced so although that has many advantages it can also create some headaches.

The key when something isn't working is to liase with Samsung via the Samsung Members App, and also liase with the app and theme developers via their specific contact details for support.

Clearing the phones System Cache Files can help as a troubleshooting tip along with as a very last resort a factory reset.

Safe Mode is also a known good generic troubleshooting option that helps to highlight if it's an app or theme that's not playing nice with the new update. One then can get support for that apps etc and if necessary disable it while this hopefully is resolved. 

I agree with the earlier comment that there will be bugs to iron out even though it's been through the beta stages on phones supplied by Samsung.


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IPhone have more control over their hardware and software as opposed to Samsung.

And NO not everyone has issues with Android 12 or One UI 4

I don't have issues touchwood beside the WhatsApp video bug.