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A crash and instability have been reported on the S10e due to Android 12

(Topic created on: 03-01-2023 12:29 PM)
Christopherson Galve
First Poster

A crash and instability have been reported on the S10 due to Android 12
In response to learning that you receive a notification when your microphone or camera is used, I decided to update everything, including the Jan 1st security update. There are bugs everywhere, everything crashed, and my phone was completely destroyed by the updates. Here are a few examples:

Notifications should be displayed in bank apps

YouTube music and the YouTube app consistently crash or don't work

I need to cancel my Google Play Store subscription since it expired 10 minutes ago

There is a lot of lag and sluggishness with Google Chrome

When my internet connection is down while I'm locked out of Whats-App, I don't receive notifications until I open the app and unlock my phone.

Never sleep does not have any apps available for addition.

There has been a complete mess in the situation. In addition to trying all the apps and generic solutions, including cleaning the cache/data, relogging and restarting several times in Safe Mode, the problem has occurred multiple times. Everything has been tried. I cannot reinstall these apps since they came with the device. All settings related to unrestricted background usage, for instance, were browsed through. Since I have a lot of authenticators (personal and work) and the banking app, I cannot do a factory reset. According to what I understand, I am not the only one experiencing issues following this update, so a fix should be released as soon as possible. After an update, a factory reset may not work. These issues may be caused by Samsung's latest software update, so Google or Samsung should be notified.