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Mobile Data in "Quick Settings" and Data Roaming in Main Settings

(Topic created on: 15-05-2024 11:48 PM)


I am in the UK and I have a Samsing Galaxy S23 running Android 14.
The package I have with my UK network provider also permits me to use my domestic package with the same cost and limits in other countries including those of the EU

I am going on a European Cruise in September visiting only European countries which are included in my mobile package and researching in advance to ensure I avoid unexpected and expensive Roaming Charges especially when in international waters as I have heard the Maritime mobile network is very expensive.

The internet is a little confusing in that it mentions disabling Data Roaming in the main settings but there is no mention anywhere of the Mobile ?Data setting in the Quick Settings.

I notice that when I switch Mobile Data on or off in my "Quick Settings" it has no effect on the Data Roaming setting in main settings so I do not understand the relevance of the Mobile Data setting in "Quick Settings".

Please can anyone clarify the following for me.

1  Is it the case that the Mobile Data "Quick Setting" will only allow the mobile phone to connect to the Lebara/Vodafone mobile network and can therefore remain switched on at all time? In other words, if I disable Data Roaming in the Main settings but leave Mobile Data switched on in Quick Settings the phone will not connect to any other mobilem network including the Maritime Network?

2 For my every day use in the UK, Data Roaming in the main settings is disabled all the time.  Does this need to be enabled when I arrive in France, Spain and Italy to enable connection the the roaming network for Lebara/Vodafone?

3  When in France, Spain or Italy must I enable BOTH Mobile Data in "Quick Settings AND Data Roaming in the main settings?

4  In order to avoid mistaken and costly connection to the maritime network whilst in international waters must I disable BOTH Mobile Data in "Quick Settings AND Data Roaming in the main settings?

Thank you in advance and best regards

Stefan Kuc

I would presume your mobile data in quick settings simply switches mobile data on and off no matter where you are similar to turning wifi on and off etc whereas data roaming will allow you to use mobile data whilst outside of your region turn it off and mobile data will only work in the UK but not abroad. You may need to enable roaming with your network provider before you go as sometimes its disabled by default so needs switching on? Hope this is helpful