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Total calories burned

(Topic created on: 17-03-2023 09:31 PM)
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Is there a way to measure total calories burned for the week? 

Overall Samsung's Health and fitness related two main apps, watch app and Samsung health app are in my opinion done by or programmed by a 5 year old child... Obviously not seen a Gym in his life. So don't expect much facilities or support for analysis of your hard work

I am making so much noise here and on Twitter asking Samsung to help people like yourself, myself who are into health and fitness and bring these apps to the level or at least closer to the level of Garmin /Apple

At present there is no weekly calories burnt, however if you connect Samsung health to Google fit, then you can get weekly calories
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Actually there is a way. There  is a weekly summary. If you open Samsung health, my page, check weekly summary. It will show the last week but one can go back to previous reports. It shows a lot of info, from group comparison to weight. 

Under weekly trends it shows the average active minutes, distance, calories burnt, and sport duration. It also shows under each the trend in comparison with the previous week. If you did more or less.

The weekly total for each of them can be calculated avg X 7.

It also shows the total so far during the week on home, exercise - view history. It shows the total time, calories and number of sessions. By moving back in time it will show the summary of the week on the day you select.

I hope this helps.

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Total calories is not tracked in the trending data.  You only see calories for "activity" calories on there.  I'd love to be able to scroll back day by day to see total calories burned.    Weekly trends includes avg active minutes, Avg distance, avg calories burned (from activity - not total), and total sports duration.   

The data is there - I see it tracked in real time.  Could someone please explain to me how to get this in a trend format or clarify that it's simply not possible and to recommend another app (possibly) than S-Health.