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Inidentified Contact - Samsung Galaxy S 9 +

(Topic created on: 17-08-2022 01:13 PM)
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Galaxy S9 Series

 Everyone...I am hoping you can help

I have noticed that my profile in contacts is my name but not me, not my photo and not my number.

It also shows the correct emergency contacts.

It is a refurb and I have had it for about a year. I have checked with EE that I'm not paying another bill. I also notice that it refers to an h5 k website. 

I cant delete it. Any ideas ?

Thanks :smiling-face:

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Galaxy S9 Series

Was the phone factory reset before you recieved it or did you factory reset it to clear it of any non relevant data.

Is there a picture in the profile already.

Have you tried to change it by going into the contacts app and press on the profile picture and press edit at the bottom of the phone's display ?

When the phone was refurbished it should have been wiped clean.

A Samsung Support Agent or a Samsung Service Centre maybe able to assist and guide you too.

Or if EE provided the phone they are duty bound to help you too.

I wish you all the best.  :smiling-face: 


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