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11 UI 3.0. Update no data

(Topic created on: 27-12-2020 10:54 AM)
First Poster
I just receives new official firmware update Android 11 UI 3.0. Update went very well, but after update the network data is not working. Wifi works, I can make phone calls, but no network data. I have already restartes phone several time and even made hard reset, and full factory reset. Reset network setting no joy . But Sim slot 2 works fine with data. Just not happy can't use sdcard.
Is anyone experiencing same issue after Android 11 update??
Helping Hand
I've had the same issues, been going crazy, seems we all in the same boat since the new update on the FE, I've not changed sim to SIM2, put sim back into SIM1 go in to connection settings, select 3g/2g auto, you should get your Internet back, then select LTE/3g/2g auto, that got my 4g back, you try going up to 5g/lte/3g/2g and you lose the lot, ive tried everything except a hard reset, but this option has got me back to 4G for the time being, if you switch your fone off at anytime you have to manually do this to get Internet, try it and let me know, working for me at the moment. Mark

I was having same issue aswel. Sim tray 2 was working fine for mobile data but in sim 1 tray , I had to switch between network mode from 3G/2G  wait for few sec for H to appear then switch to LTE/3G/2G and wait few sec for 4G to appear and then switch it to 5G/LTE/3G/2G in order to 5G to work. Had to do this process again if i switch off the phone. Looking forward to update to fix this issue.