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Why are the Exynos and SD same price when one is superior

(Topic created on: 23-07-2020 12:17 PM)

Just curious as to why UK more or less pays most for the device yet they get the inferior Exynos. I wont say its bad but for the price it doesn't make sense to pay more for the weaker chip that overheats more, battery that lasts less, lower camera quality and less GPU performance. (informatoin found from multiple people who have reviewed the 2 chips) 


Using SD in UK essentially voids warranty so does Samsung expect us to constantly pay premium for a 'less premium' version of the phone? 

Fully understand your frustration, feels like we're subsidising those who have the SD versions😠
I am not against Exynos personally. I like to keep all my devices from the same brand, I have got Galaxy Watch Active, Galaxy Note 10, Galaxy Tab A 10.1 2019, 7 years old TV, Microwave, AKG Y500 Headphones and I am happy with them all (except battery life in my Note 10). Exynos used on my Note 10 is good enough for all the I throw at it its just I am at 50% of battery gone in 4 hours after unplugging from the charger. I got ZeroLemon battery case to fight against it 😃 Unfortunately Exynos 990 is one of these products that made me lost my trust to the products that will carry it. Therefore I did not upgrade when S20 came out and I will not upgrade when Note 20 will come out. I will wait for either S20FE and see if it will come with SD865 or Ex992 in Europe or will gamble on LG Velvet which looks pretty decent with the secondary screen. Will make my decision after 5th of August. When Samsung will price Note 20 at £599 or less then I will be like, that's fair although I won't by it I will wait for S20FE to give them my money if they meet my requirements, anything above £599 for Note 20 and I will be moving to LG as this will be like (in my opinion) cutting corners to make a quick buck on naive customers.
I am also considering skipping the Note 20 Ultra this year just because of this. It is becoming very frustrating to know that there are different chipset in Europe compared to the USA and other locations, yet this is not reflected in the price.
It would be a shame, I have had all the Note smartphones since the Note 3 - upgraded every single year from Samsung Experience Store.
But we'll see on the 5th of August 🤔

Current phone : Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G 512GB