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Where are S Note (Samsung Notes) documents stored as a default

(Topic created on: 10-03-2021 01:33 PM)

1. S Note default file paths Unlike in old versions of Notes app / Android I could see / follow a path to individual S note documents and for example rename and check on properties of a document of this type.  With a Note9 and Android10 it seems this isn't possible?  I can rename by saving as something new and then delete.  But I'd like the freedom to navigate to the file and do this myself, more like at the operating level, rather than rely on the app.

...In a similar fashion I can't search for and find with My Files an S note document, nor is it a "recent file" for this purpose? 

Presumably someone has already worked out this bit of the Samsung file logic and can explain to me?  Thanks. 


2. Can I reach / access the US Samsung Community for replies? - seems it's a completely different logical area  where my user's not recognised - nonsense, if that's where more answers reside!!

Someone in the US already asked my question above - according to a Google search for an answer by me - but it seems I can't reply there without creating a new user? 

Admins - please help ?  How am I supposed to use this resource?  The search from within these support pages doesn't find this topic!!


Hi @RAB,


Following up on our PM conversation from a few weeks ago on this one. The developers have got back to us about the S Notes query.


They’ve confirmed that there is indeed no native option to access S Notes documents from My Files application; and that users can only check their notes by entering the S Notes app.


Also asked them about possibly reintroducing the function to search for S Note files in the My Files app (and with it the ability to easily rename or check the properties of the file); and the developers have advised that they’ll be monitoring the market for similar suggestions from other users.


Thanks for the feedback

Have just updated to vers of the Samsung notes app so not sure what, if anything changed with this latest update 🙄  

Have also in the meantime discovered that there is a kind of logic similar to what I was describing in this ticket, but that it seems to be one of two ways to work with Samsung Notes documents, which in turn depends on whether the document is saved as a note within the app (in which case, document isn't completely separately recognisable) or whether any note is saved outside the application via the "save as" menu, as a Samsung Notes file, e.g. .....sdocx file type (in which case more is possible).

There is confusingly then two slightly different logics it seems:

# within the Note app': document / file can be moved; but not renamed (just use save as and delete); can't see properties of the file; not visible at all via file manager app
# stored as a separate file, e.g. sdocx type: is visible in file manager; can be renamed and moved; can be opened directly with Note app

So I guess seeing it positively, more is possible than I first thought.  Though conversely it is confusing having two slightly different ways of working!