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Screen blur and Adaptive Brightness Issues

(Topic created on: 08-09-2020 09:47 AM)

I was gifted the Galaxy Note 9 phone by my brother-in-law who bought it from Qatar in June 2019.
From date of purchase till now I had been using a SUPCASE case with complete protection for this mobile.
The phone was not even dropped at all. But suddenly from last 10 days(30July,2020) I am facing the screen blur issue.
When the "Adaptive Brightness"is ON, the display becomes grainy and almost invisible. Also the touch function also does not work properly.
There are also grey lines appearing when the brightness is being reduced.
I tried doing the "FACTORY RESET" twice but no improvement.
I even visited the service center in Chennai, but even without looking at display they are suggesting for display replacement. 


Currently I am managing by switching to Dark mode and at full brightness. Adaptive Brightness is switched off

This drains the battery faster and heats up the phone as well.


I am very upset with the quality of phones Samsung is delivering to its customers.
And that too, to the owners of premium phones which cost very high.


My wife had been using Iphone 8 plus for nearly 3 years now and it still performing like new. So clearly apple is delivering the best quality and reliability to its customers.
With this condition Samsung phones cannot stand a competition to Apple. Even 1+ is doing better now a days.


I am reviewing how the consumers should be protected for issues such as these.
Can we take this legally with Samsung for bad quality of their phones and displays being delivered?
I understand that my phone is out of warranty now, but still faulty display within this short time will be very disappointing to the customers.
And from the blogs we could clearly see that already many consumers are affected with this issue and many more could be joining.


Will there be any technical support from Samsung team for resolving the issue and protecting the interests of their customers?

First Poster

same i am also facing this same issues . But service peoples in samsung saying to change display which will cost above 10k.  But they didnt notice if we open HDR VIDEO In you tube . Diplays turn in normal condition . Its simply proves they are trying to cheat us . Instead of resolving this issues. If this happens then millions of peoples decide to skip brand to some other . Already loot of peoples avoided purchasing samsung mobiles  in my circles. I also start marketed to stop buying samsung . Like wise i hope one day samsung beg customers to buy their products soon.