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Pie contacts change

(Topic created on: 28-04-2019 08:18 PM)
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I've recently updated my device from Oreo to Pie and I seem to have lost a feature within contacts and wanted to check whether it was removed from the app or perhaps I'm just not getting my head around the correct way of now replicating what I previously had.


I have a dual SIM and use two separate Google accounts to separate contacts between the Sims. Furthermore one of my Google accounts has hundreds of contacts which I have further segregated using groups (such as starred and others).


Previously in Oreo, I had quite granular control within the contacts app as to which particular contacts I wanted to see and in my particular use case, I had selected to show all contacts from one account and in addition only those contacts starred in another account. This was a one time activity which left my phone book in the state I wanted.


However in Pie, it appears I can now only select one particular  contact account at a time or all contact accounts. This is frustrating as I have some mail accounts that I do not wish to display contacts for. Additionally it seems I can only view one sub group at a time, so while I can display only starred contacts, it means I can't show contacts from the other account at the same time and instead have to constantly switch between different 'filters' instead.


Am I missing something or has this filtering ability of the contacts app now been severely crippled. Assuming it has, is there anyway to use the old contacts app or should I just look for a 3rd party app to do this now.


Thanks for reading!