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Note 9 - Problems

(Topic created on: 13-01-2020 05:57 PM)
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I bought my Note 9 in April 2019, and just before Christmas, it stopped charging. I got that serviced from the local repair center in Glasgow. When I collected my phone back from the center informed it because of moisture on the phone. And also they have changed S-Pen as well. I am not sure why S-Pen also replaced I doubted first of all that the guys at service center might have just replaced my original S-Pen with some spurious S-Pen. Which to be honest because my S-Pen was in top-notch condition. Now just at the new year again started facing issues with my phone and started to shut down of its own and battery charge drops suddenly, I am as a user and one who paid around 1000GBP for this phone not very happy with the unit and either wants replacement or refund. It is still under one-year warranty. Can any one please suggest how to reach out to Samsung, I sent emails but no response , and on phone they say it can only be repaired. 😞 Looking for some advise guys 

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If it's still under warranty, contact your network provider they should be able to cover it up. If it has do with charging or phone playing up your network provider should sort that one up contact them they would arrange for it to be picked up and sorted at zero cost as it it covered in your warranty. The only time that doesn't work is if things like screen damage except if you took the extra necessary insurance cover with the network or someone else.

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That's not good at all @Noteguy 


I too have no answer as to why they'd swap out the s pen !


Just to advise your phone has a 2 Year Manufacturing Warranty.


The people you need to speak to are the seller / provider of the phone as advised in the Consumer-rights-act 2015. 


May I assume you purchased the phone directly from Samsung  ?


The above link also advises on what you can do to get an amicable resolution.


I wish you all the best with this situation. 



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