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Note 20 ultra Mobile Network Connection Issues

(Topic created on: 01-06-2021 10:45 PM)
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Does anyone else have issues with their Note 20 ultra randomly losing mobile network connection? I'm not referring to wifi/internet connection but your actual mobile network connection (ie verizon). This has been happening to me now for the last month and it happens 2-3 times every hour for approx 30-45 seconds and its frustrating as hell!! I've done everything you can advise me on here: reset network setting, replaced sim card, cache clean, Safe mode, factory restart and recently had my phone replaced and guess what, the replacement does the exact same thing! I spoke with Samsung who set up a ticket for me to visit my nearest authorize Samsung tech (1.5hrs away). I go in for my appt today and the tech says "I'm sorry we have at least 5-8 people come here everyday with this same issue and we've tried everything from replacing the motherboard to almost rebuilding the phone and it does not solve the issue". He said they've made Samsung aware but Samsung won't admit that its an issue and I'll probably have to wait to see if they release a patch, that is totally unacceptable!! I called Samsung back and they said I would now have to send my phone in for them to repair and it will take approx 2 weeks and they can't guarantee the issue will be fixed (I can't be without a phone for 2 weeks). I've been loyal to Samsung for  15+ years, I've had this phone for approx 5 months and this is just not what I'm use to from Samsung. I may have to jump ship and move to the dark side to IPHONE if this is not resolved soon. Has anyone heard anything, having this same issue or have any other recommendations? I swear I'm exhausted and frustrated!

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I totally understand and appreciate how frustrating this must be for you.

When the N20 Ultra 5G was released in the UK I bought the Exynos soc version and that had intermittent signal issues.

I sent this back within the 30 day cooling off period.

I then purchased a N20 Ultra 5G Snapdragon version which I imported from Hong Kong and I've since had no signal connection issues.

It sounds like you've carried out everything you can in regards to troubleshooting this yourself.

I assume the sim card works in another phone just fine and your signal issues are evident everywhere you go ?

Personally I'd be asking Samsung for another replacement phone as it does sound like the one you have at the moment is a lemon.

I wish you all the best with this. 

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Yes, it's a very common issue. 

I worked in an industrial site and my N10+ could get data in a particular place but the N20U got absolutely nothing with the same SIM card. It also was poor for calls and kept dropping them, even in city centres with lots of coverage.

I like Band of Brothers semt my one back and got the Snapdragon HK variant and it's a completely different device. Better signal, better display and far far better battery life.

There have been previous posts about this but no word from Samsung UK.

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Yes, same issue. My 6-month old, topline Samsung refuses to connect to 3G very often. When I use my entry-level Hwaiwei to check if the problem is poor coverage, it never has any problem connecting. Samsung needs to patch this if it is a software problem, and issue a product recall if it is a hardware issue.

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also me have the same problem in SAUDI ARABIA 



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Your issue is solely originated by the chipset that the Australian version of Note 20 Ultra. In America and Hong Kong this phone has Snapdragon chipset. In Australia they have Exynos chipset. It has been proven. I have watched videos, read articles on various websites written by the experts that have been gathering information about phones that people have been complaining about their functions not keeping up to their advertisements. I was with Vodafone almost 20 years. Switched to Optus recently because they have 5G. I had issues at the beginning with exact same functionality that's making you go berserk!! It still IS happening on my phone. The sales assistant that served me at the Optus store said that he is an electronics technician and is still in close contact with his friends and they have been testing phones for performance, speed, graphics etc. And 2 or 3 Samsung phones that have this Exynos chipset fails the performance and mostly on mobile data connection and reliability. I have done exactly EVERYTHING that you have done to find remedy to this big ******* up and received same response from Samsung.." we are very sorry that we couldn't find anything wrong with the phone.. Everything seems working according to manufacturer's standards."

Exynos is purely owned by Samsung. It is their own chipset. Snapdragon is owned by Quallcomm. It is absolutely at least 20 times better than Exynos in every aspect. It has been tested, proven, won every argument of comparing power, performance, speed, graphics and sound, and most importantly better handling of multiple tasks and commands at any given time. 

Samsung knows this and DELIBERATELY IS IGNORING it's customers. We(Australian Consumers) should not be suffering from their stuffed up decision as the markets that have this phone's Snapdragon version don't have this issue AT ALLLLLLL!!

Shame on you Samsung!!

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Hello, did any one find solution for network connection issue? I have exact same problem, thank you so much

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This video here should explain your set up            I also have a note 20