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Lost dual SIM choice in calls and messages after update to UI3. Anyone knows how to bring them back?

(Topic created on: 19-01-2021 04:40 PM)

Before updating I've always had a choice of choosing which card I want to use for calling or sending messages, those options were always visible on screen. Now after updating for calls i get pop up windows asking for SIM while in messages I have no options at all. Does anyone using two SIM cards have the same problem?

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Same thoughts, using the Note10+ as a business phone was a pleasant experience until this update when they removed the direct shortcut to select SIM1 or 2 for call/ sms directly ....

Please fix it.


Just want to join this topic to hopefully get this "bug" up on the todo list...

I choose to believe this is just a miss by the developers and it should be an easy fix to bring back same functionality as in previous version. And agree that even if it seems a minor isuue, its too anoying to let go when using dual SIM extensively throughout the day.

So, not sure if this is the right place to nag to get this prioritized, but if someone knows a better way/channel please let us know. Tried the "Contact Us" on phone, but got server down-error


Andrew B

I expect this will have to be it! Let's just keep replying, reiterating how inefficient and impractical this downgrade is until someone notices, skips the explanation and tells us that it will be corrected. Share with your friends... 

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Who ever make this update was not thinking about 2 sim card users, I really hate the new update, I am a 2 sim card user and I use  the 2 sim cards a lot, this is *****, now I have to get my old phone runing for a sim card because I don't have time to go to settings and ***** arround witch sim I use. Fixxxxx this downgrade.


Yup, totally agree... I was at first sceptic about how dual SIM worked (when I got the phone) but it actually worked flawelessly. I too am a very heavy user of this swapping between SIMs and vote this the no. 1 functionality they should fix.

From my 20+ years in industrial programming I sure know how tings can get mixed up during improvements, but they are often just as prompt to fix once its prioritized... its just a matter of getting it on the todo list for the lucky developer.

I'm still confident this will be fixed if they really care for feedback and their pride in proffession, but if they (the development team) really think this is an improvement and refuse to make it better, I'll sure swap for anything else at next opportunity.


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Ouch, this smarts!  I use dual sim for work/private calls & messages.  The choice of which sim before making the call is a must.  There are options, you can still choose which sim on the keypad screen and you can set which sim a contact will use by default.  Sorry, this is not a flexible as the previous way.  Please prioritise and revert.  Thanks.  Much love and joy.

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i use the duel sim feature everyday for work. it is extremely crucial for me. now i just have a pointless inadequate phone i may aswel just buy a 2nd phone. this has really confirmed to me that samsung was a bad purchase. From the pointless bixby hotkey , stupid screenshot functions, then to have samsung adverts pop up on my lock this. 1st time samsung user, last time samsung user. i can't wait to get a new phone in june!

This is really annoying Samsung; get your act together.

Did they not run these changes via a test group?
These changes are not mentioned in the release notes of the update, so I am really hoping that this is an error which will be rectified very quickly with an update. 

It is getting more and more irritating as the more I use this new update, the more I realise what pain Samsung are causing by taking away this (simple) function.

Here are my observations so far
Android Auto will just not make calls as it cannot figure out the pop up.
There is absolutely no logic with responding to text messages. 
IF you notice that the wrong SIM is being used to respond to a message and then change it, the entire message you have composed is deleted.
They could have (at least) made it default to replying to messages using the same SIM on which it was received. 

This phone is now a bit of a liability and I am seriously considering sending it back to Samsung.


I have the same problem, not easy to switch between sim cards.

I think that the idea is that you can switch witch sim to use by longpressing "call". This works some times but not always.

You can try to go to the contact and there you can choose witch sim to normaly use for that contact.

I have my work sim as default, and i have "solved" my problems like this.



I agree. This change has destroyed the phone. 

Even if I change the sim for a particular contact to the alternate one, it randomly changes back and now several of my contacts have my other number which I'm not happy about. I've sent a letter to Samsung CEO via their support section of the website and I recommend everyone else do the same. If it's not fixed soon, I'll be returning my phone as not fit for purpose and moving away from Samsung permanently.