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Cannot blur backgrounds on selfie camera if no face present....annoying.

(Topic created on: 25-04-2022 04:37 PM)
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Hey All,

I had a great feature on the S10+ using live focus I can blur backgrounds on inanimate objects even if there was no face present using the Selfie Cam.

For example I am a big sneaker guy so like to take on-foot shots.  I could position the phone on the floor such as on a stand and could switch to live focus mode selfie mode, put trainer in frame and see exactly how the picture would look and then wait till it says ready at the top then use the hand motion to snap away to capture a really cool shot.

Now having upgraded to the Note 20 ultra, live focus is gone and the portrait mode on the ultra won't let you do this, it only works when there is a face in view.  Normal portrait shots are awesome but missing this feature on the selfie cam is a bit of a blow to be honest.  It relies on now someone having to take the shot in portrait mode to get the blurred background.

Any idea guys on how to get this back?

Thanks All.