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Black Screen of Death on Galaxy Note 20 Ultra - How can I back up my data without turning on Debugging Mode

(Topic created on: 28-10-2021 07:29 PM)

Hi All

I have a Note Ultra 20 that has suffered the Black Screen of death and am unable to get anything on the display. I have tried everything I have come across on line but nothing has helped. When I do the soft reset I feel a vibration after about 10 seconds so I know it is restarting. Also when the alarm goes of in the morning I know the location on where to stop the alarm on screen and am able to stop it so screen is still functional and of course it rings when dialled. Tried waiting for the battery to die so I can turn it off but even after 4 days there is still a 50% charge left in the battery (as determined by find my phone). On Find My Phone I did see the option to do a cloud back up but that has disappeared. Anybody else seen this?


I did Booked a repair but no parts in stock so are replacing it with A Galaxy S21 Ultra. All very well but trying to get my data backed up but cannot find any tools that will help without putting the phone in Debugging mode which cant be done with a dead screen. Anybody know of any solutions for this?

Any help greatly appreciated

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The screen is dead, your phone is not. So, assuming the touch is also dead... or is it just black screen?  sounds odd but u need to figure it out. Id simuate power off... press side button and hold for 4 seconds then press middle screen... just above is power off, just below middle is restart.

If touch still works, one or the other will happen and your phone will vibrate and play sound when a) it restarts on its own or b) you repress side button to turn on manually.

If neither happens, no tpuch at all.

The point is if you know where ur settings button is, and you have another phone for reference, you can connect with computer on usb and access your files through file manager on pc and copy them including any backups you hopefully made.

If your touch works and you have a nother note 20 for reference, you could make a new backup, then connect to computer. Its like blind touching but possible though tedious.

Easiest, go to cell shop and place your motherboard out for copying hoping screen issue is a hardware issue not related to motherboard.

Some people set up data syncing with their computer already. You might already have access via your pc without any of the above.

Good luck



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Oh. And next time, set up reoccuring back ups to SD card if not interested in syncing. That way, just pull sd card and reset with back up on new phone.