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Samsung Odyssey G9 Crashes While Switching Fullscreen Mode In Games

(Topic created on: 16-01-2023 11:41 AM)
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I'm getting occasional G9 crashes when I switch Fullscreen/Desktop mode while gaming. This causes all colors fade fastly (in 5-10 seconds) till showing a fully dark screen and makes G9 totally not responding to the control button. The only way to make G9 functioning again is unpluging and pluging back to the power.

I strongly believe this is caused in a firmware or driver level bug on Nvidia GSync mechanism since I never have this problem with anything except games and not switching fullscreen mode G9 isn't trigger this behaviour.

Graphics card: Nvidia 3080 TI
G9 Firmware: 1.0.16

Same with my G7. It seems to struggle jumping from different resolutions. Most of the time the only solution is turning off and on again. It's annoying.

Even happened just going into my computer BIOs a few times 🤣🤣🤣
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I've have this issue. Sometimes when turning on computer the monitor (after getting past the motherboard screen) will be on a black screen when the login screen loads. If I play on exclusive fullscreen when exiting the game (usually just by hitting windows button to simply switch to desktop or vice versa) it gets stuck on a blackscreen. For me unplugging the display cord and replugging it in usually fixes it (though sometimes it takes several tries especially if its from desktop to fullscreen exclusive game). But playing games in windows mode prevents the issue. I switch too much from a game to either chrome or discord chat. Have you found a fix for yours yet? I'd like to get that small performance boost of fullscreen exclusive while not worrying about it getting stuck on a black screen.

EDIT: I don't use GSync and have it disabled. Turning it on forces me to run at lower refresh rate as it can't handle 10bit color, 240Hz, and GSync.


Idk if the model we have is the same, but heres the one i have : Samsung G9 Neo LS49AG950NEXXY

with the exact same issues… Some of the things i would suggest doing if you havnt already to alleviate some of the issues are :


Make sure that windows and all of its drivers are up to date! Using CCleaner,steam driver updater, and intel driver updater seems to get basically everything updated.


  • Factory reset the monitor


  • Use a Vesa Certified 8k DisplayPort 2.1 Cable for the best results and to improve performance even though the cable is kind of overkill.





  • go in and fine tune all the settings in Nvidia Control centers 3D settings. Making sure to turn off Vsync, and enable Gsync.


    “Ill be including my settings down below”



    • it will help get rid of scan-lines! I would also suggest utilizing some of the other calibration tools on the site once you do finish everything here 😊.


  • The last main thing will be calibrating your monitor settings directly!
    • Your going to want to use the scan-line calibration tool as much as you can with this particular monitor as it can be hard to tune.
      1. I will be providing all of my settings for this below as well!


Now if your really adventurous one last thing you can try is using Nvflash to flash your gpu vbios.


    “During some of my research while trying to figure out the boot loop issue i found a post saying that this could potentially fix the boot loop as well as some of the other issues present as well as improving stability if done correctly.”



  • “this can be potentially dangerous by bricking your gpu bios if done incorrectly… so research it extensively before attempting.



    “fyi Im using watercooling so if your running air cooled it might be safer to boot to a newer version of your own GPU’s Vbios!


For Nvidias control panel settings this is what i was able to tune the monitor to:

Sidenote:i will be skipping listing any settings that dont affect the calibration of the monitor!


  • Change Resolution Tab:
    • Under Pc :
      1. 5120x1440
      2. Refresh rate 240


  • Adjust desktop color settings
    • Change colors: all channels
      1. Brightness:60%
      2. Contrast:67%
      3. Gamma:1.00
      4. Digital vibrance:92%
      5. Hue:18%
  • Set up G-Sync
    • Enable G-Sync,G-Sync Compatible
      1. Enable for windowed and full screen mode.


  • Under Nvidia Color settings :
      1. Desktop color depth: 32-bit
      2. Output color depth: 10bpc
      3. Output color format: RGB
      4. Output Dynamic Range: Full



Monitor Settings that worked and were stable/tuned with the scan-line utilities/a few other ones on the site:

  • Under Game:
    • Refresh rate: 240
    • Response time: Extreme
    • Adaptive-Sync: Off
    • Low input lag: On
    • Black Equalizer: 14
    • Virtual Aim point: Off
    • Infinity Core lighting: Rainbow
      1.     “idk what this setting does…”
    • Screen size: Wide


  • Picture Mode:Custom
    • Brightness: 100
    • Contrast: 100
    • Sharpness: 100
    • Eye saver mode: Off
    • Color:custom

            “Oddly enough having red,green,blue at 100 had similar results on the scanlines, but 50 was slightly more stable”

      1. Red: 50
      2. Green: 50
      3. Blue: 50
      4. Gamma: Mode-1
      5. Saturation: 50


PIP/PBP: off


  • System
    • Local Dimming: Off
    • Dynamic Brightness: Off
    • DisplayPort Version: 1.4
    • Auto-Source Switch+




Sadly even with everything I’ve detailed above, it hasn’t fixed the two major issues for me but heres my workarounds till they are fixed:


  1. Boot loop when monitor is running at 240Mhz during boot.
    • Fix:
      • turn monitor off until the pc gets to lock screen, and then turn it back on!


  1. Intermittent black screen:
    • Solution:
      • press in this order: 1.Control 2.Shift 3.Windows Key 4. B


“Not entirely sure what is causing this particular issue. However what this does is refreshes the display driver. Which if the issue is the monitor it will fix the black screen issue!”



I hope that at least one of these solutions helps in some way, or is at least a stepping stone to hopefully figuring out how to solve the issues if they even can be solved without Samsung taking their ***** time to release an update for the display firmware that probably wont actually fix the issue, and has basically no documentation on what was changed or fixed…

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Flash the BIOS on your graphics card to latest version. PTOBLEM FIXED AFTER A YEAR of this *****. NVIDIA 3090 TI 24GB. Use nvflash.exe and this site to get the BIOS -

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Flashing the BIOS on my 3090TI FIXED IT! Whoo hoooooo!

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I have the Gigabyte 4090 OC... I have the latest bios installed, so guess I'm out of luck until they release another

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This is so bad. I have a Galax 4090 and a Samsung Oddysey G8 OLED with the same issue. 

Every time the monitor goes to sleep and the PC tries to wake it back up, it crashes and the PC restarts. Really disappointing. 


I have come to the conclusion that Samsung should just exit the gaming monitor market, all their products are borked in some way or another.