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Digital v Physical Media

(Topic created on: 19-02-2019 02:11 PM)
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Word from the US  that Samsung will  not be introducing any new UHD Blu Ray players for the US market and may be the case for HD models too, though they may well sell existing players for some time.  Whilst this may not be the case for the European market at present obviously could follow suit in due course.   Whilst  I think there is still a market for Blu ray Dvd's ,whilst only had UHD player myself fairly recently and see the benefits though watch films on streaming services more often.    sales for the latest format anyway have remained strong,  obviously though streaming services  are the choice for many and this may be more pronounced in the US.    


Oppo announce last year that it was exiting the home cinema market      Sony, Panaonic,LG though seem to be  in market at moment,whilst also competition from XBox .


can see some advantages of UHD discs




Recently in the Uk of course HMV were again  in trouble , spending on  physical music, video and games have fallen from 5.7 Billion to 2 bn over the last decade. However after a period in administration thehy were bought by Doug Putman, who of Canadian retailer Sunrise Records, abeit with just over 20% of store closures.

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