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Workout in Samsung Health on phone, but can't find on Galaxy Watch?

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Hi all-


When I open the Samsung Health app on my phone, I can select rowing (outdoors) as a workout. If I go into that exercise (still on phone app), it even shows my Galaxy Watch (42mm) as an accessory that is connected.


But when I try to select that activity as a workout directly on my watch (so that I don't need to have my phone with me on the water), it doesn't show up. Just about every other exercise that appears in the phone Samsung Health app can be accessed on my watch, but not that one. (I do have Rowing Machine, but that has no GPS functions for obvious reasons, so isn't useful to me). 


Anyone know if I'm doing something wrong, or if just that activity is not a feature on the watch for whatever reason?

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Not software updates at all. The thread is about being able to add activities from S Health to the watch. If you open S Health on your phone their is a wide varied list of activities. Samsung does not allow you to add activities to their devices. Many of us have been asking for this for years. 




Which model of Galaxy Watch are you referring to?

Can you be more precise, please?


The Galaxy Watch 42mm eSim - SM-R815FZDATHL does NOT have what you are referring to.


I have the first Galaxy Watch. Example skiing is on S Health. So I can start and use it from the phone. But I cannot add any activities from S Health to the watch. Has something changed recently to where you can add activities from S Health to the watch or any Samsung activity tracker?


Over a year later and a solution still isn't in place on the watch. Everything else syncs between the watch and phone, so why not ever single workout? This is ridiculous, Samsung , fix it. Garmin has skiing an xc-skiing right there as options on the their watch. 


Sane question for 'Sailing'. It's on the phone, not on the Galaxy Watch. Any watersport would work (without waterlock)!


It is so ridiculous that almost 2 years since members have raised this issue and even after new devices being launched, this problem still persists. Totally irresponsible on Samsung's part. I am now looking for other apps that can track better the different activities that I do...which are available on phone but not on Watch face! Any suggestions?

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