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Workout in Samsung Health on phone, but can't find on Galaxy Watch SM-R815F?


When I open the Samsung Health app on my phone (SM-A715F/DS), I can select Aerobics as a workout. If I go into that exercise (still on phone app), it even shows my Galaxy Watch (SM-R815F) as an accessory that is connected.

But when I try to select that activity as a workout directly on my watch (so that I don't need to have my phone with me), it doesn't show up. Afew other exercise that appears in the phone Samsung Health app can be accessed on my watch, but not that one.

Anyone know if I'm doing something wrong, or if just that activity is not a feature on the watch for whatever reason?

Is it possible to add apps to the watch?

Another useless product from Samsung IMHO. Dont buy it. Not recommended.

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