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Workout in Samsung Health on phone, but can't find on Galaxy Watch?

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Hi all-


When I open the Samsung Health app on my phone, I can select rowing (outdoors) as a workout. If I go into that exercise (still on phone app), it even shows my Galaxy Watch (42mm) as an accessory that is connected.


But when I try to select that activity as a workout directly on my watch (so that I don't need to have my phone with me on the water), it doesn't show up. Just about every other exercise that appears in the phone Samsung Health app can be accessed on my watch, but not that one. (I do have Rowing Machine, but that has no GPS functions for obvious reasons, so isn't useful to me). 


Anyone know if I'm doing something wrong, or if just that activity is not a feature on the watch for whatever reason?

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Samsung clearly doesn't care to fix this issue. However I will throw my hat in the ring, try to make this as clear as possible.


Please make the workouts that are available on the Samsung Health App ALSO available on the watch. 


Adding voice to this... it is so frustrating... apparently i'll have to dance with my cell phone in my pocket to track the activity ... Please, make the experience full!!!


This makes no sense. Just bought an Active 2 assuming it will have Jump Rope since every other weareable brand has it. Thinking about returning it back to the store now. 


Send it back. They have not done anything with this for 4 years. Makes no sense. Would probably guarantee the new watch will not have it either. If it is an exercise listed in S Health you should be able to add it to watch. 


So no news about some future update that will fix this? 4 years is ridiculous.


This is ridiculous!!! I dance. That's my exercise. Why can't it sync with health app????? It makes no sense. I'm really considering moving to apple. Seriously,  it's ridiculous. 


Seriously considering moving back to Apple too. It's so annoying not to have the sports listed on the watch. 


Its been a year now. Can we get a correct solution for this issue? This issue is not resolved as claimed by Andrew.


Samsung guys... please, at lease give us the option to edit workout type in samsung health app for activities using GPS tracking (now it can only be done for "other workout" without gps). This issue makes absolutely no sense to me, upseting so many people for no apparent reason - such a minor update would fix this frustration. Its been years. 


I put mu voice too. Martial Arts and Jumping Rope please!

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