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why do samsung allow cheating on samsunghealth challenges

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trying to understand why Samsung provide a service like global step challenge and then allow cheats to dominate the board every month.. it's not rocket science that if someone dies 200000 steps a day they are cheating or if on average they have done 2 steps a second , every second eithout sleep since the challenge opened they are cheating. why don't Samsung care about this and stop it ? it puts a lot of people off using the service

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Samsung sent me the same form letter that they sent Graybeard51 and others. 

Interesting 24hours in and 9 have already finished. Simply impossible

That's mean cheating is accepted so for me this app shoul be banned from stores

This is on the 3rd day and there are people who have more than 300.000 steps

This first one has 411.000 steps which mean that he is doing more than 6.000 steps every hour if he is not sleeping at all for the last 70 hours.

Really this must stop and Samsung must step up its game and remove immediately anyone who is doing these numbers. It spoils the game for all of us who are actually try to exercise more and make more steps.



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You will get a form letter. I don't think they even read our mail in its entirety- they seek words and pick a letter to send...

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I challenge the leader to show proof of walking approx. 58 miles per day for twelve days straight.  These people have to either be hacking the system or carrying multiple measuring devices.  

Well, we have 86400 seconds in one day (24 hrs). Number of steps can't be beyond that if we take average of 1 step/ second. Samsung can ban users doing 80000 step day or more than 210000 steps in three consecetive days ( is very easy!) . I'm monitoring closely....there are less than 200 of them need to be deleted. 



Obviously Samsung has no one who can write code to detect the problem.  For instance, according to their site I am in the top 2% of all Samsung health users, yet in the challenge I am not even in the top 30%   it is physically impossible for anyone to achieve the number of steps the leaders are reporting. 

Either Samsung can't (or won't) write simple code to exclude the cheaters or more likely they are so afraid of offending a few dozen cheaters they risk offending 10s of thousands of honest walkers.

You wall 7-10 miles a day I'm guessing your a postal worker, I walk the same so I know these people aren' walkong 2 mil

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