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why do samsung allow cheating on samsunghealth challenges

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trying to understand why Samsung provide a service like global step challenge and then allow cheats to dominate the board every month.. it's not rocket science that if someone dies 200000 steps a day they are cheating or if on average they have done 2 steps a second , every second eithout sleep since the challenge opened they are cheating. why don't Samsung care about this and stop it ? it puts a lot of people off using the service

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Manik's weight is strange for a person who makes more than 200,000 steps every day. It seems the more he walks the fatter he gets. He should quit.

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Completely AGREE. The ***** at the top today recorded 99907 steps today (50 miles of supposed "steps")! Did they attach something to their car tire and drive 50 miles? What a joke! 


I like the challenge of getting the steps for the month. But, having a ranking without any oversight for such glaring anomalies make the rankings nothing but a joke!

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Ah Yes! And the new month's challenge has begun and the plebeian cheaters at the top have strapped their devices carefully and tightly to the wheel on their car and blissfully drove their way to the 50 mile top spot. It is so amazing to see the effect of a 50 mile drive in a day on the "healthy" body displayed in their images. Samsung "Health" App? Really? You would think that they could "program" the app to detect anomalies that are clearly cheating their system!

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This is exactly why I no longer participate in these challenges

I think I'll go the same way here
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Wouldn't be too hard for them to do... just require a heartbeat to register steps at least every few minutes, and if the "swing" of the arm is too regular - stop counting steps.   Even a marathon athlete will register different motion in the arm, that which a robot swinging the watch will not.  


It's fairly easy to implement some AI to check for real human motion.


At the very least, they can discard the results of those obviously cheating on the final day.  


But since this has apparently been happening since 2017, and it's now 2020... I don't think it will ever change.

In the most recent global challenge, one user had supposedly finished on the very first day --  German user, despite the fact that the day was only half over in Germany! Over 100,000 steps in half a day!


On that day, I logged over 38,000 steps myself, my second highest daily total ever. It was a ton of work, and it nearly killed me, despite the fact I'm a very active person. I had to keep going all day long, walking, exercising, rebounding, you name it. Even an average of 30,000 steps a day is difficult to maintain for more than a week. 

Have you noticed that some of the "leaders" are on the chubby side, which is completely amazing for someone who wouldn't even have the time to eat? 

I think it's possible to manually enter time and distance traveled, which would completely skew the step data. I've never done this myself, but I'm sure others have tried.

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