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Why did I buy the Buds?

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So I purchased the Galaxy buds and was pretty excited. After a few months when I had a phone call the caller says it sounds like construction is going on in the background and I have tried all the fixes from cleaning to reseting. It will work for a moment and then when I update its right back to where it was but, I just delt with it. Then the right side sound diminished and I was still ok, but now the touch pad stopped working (it is not locked) and I'm wondering why I even purchased these things. Any clue as to why they would be falling apart after about 6 months? It started about 2 months after I bought them, any ideas would be helpful, thanks.


Hi @BillB1 ,


this is not the expected behaviour from our Galaxy Buds. Can you tell us if this is affecting all the calling apps and is this is happening in all the areas?


Have you been able to use the pad after contacting us? 



The only 2 I use are regular phone and FB, but yes, it affects both in all 3 states I travel to and all areas of town. 

No, the pad had not been usable since last night on either side. I really like these headphones, they are comfortable, sound great and do not fall out. Im really hoping we can fix them.

@BillB1: Regarding your Touchpad issue, open the Galaxy Wearable app, and tap Touchpad. Tap Left or Right under "Touch and hold touchpad" to choose Voice command, Ambient sound, or Volume up. At this stage, make sure that Lock Touchpad is disabled, with the switch over to the left and greyed out.

For your audio issues please return the Buds to their factory settings via the Wearables app by going to About Earbuds > Reset Earbuds > Reset. Does this resolve the issue?

The lock has not been on, i tried toggling it a few times to see if it changes anything but it did not.

I reset them as you suggested but the right side is still diminished, also after I reset the TouchPad will beep so that is cool but it does not start music or anything like that, when I start music manually there is no sound. So I turn the Bluetooth off then back on and viola there is sound...... then the TouchPad doesn't work.

And now starting today, if i switch between apps like going from phone to music or music to FB and so on there is no sound. I have to turn the Bluetooth off and then back on so it will work again. WTH is going on with these things? Just plain garbage! I had a knockoff pair of wireless ear buds from wish that lasted longer than this. 

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