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Where are my Gear S3 watch faces I have paid for?


I have recently switched from S7 to S9 and after resetting and connecting my gear to my new phone I've lost all my watch faces that I have downloaded including the one that I've paid for. I've researched in so many places to recover them back but nothing is working for me.  I initially purchased and downloaded my WF in Australia and recently I am in London, can this be the issue? If it is then this is really disappointing for me.

Please could you explain how exact you did it?
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I've had the same problem but compounded by the fact that I have a non-Samsung phone (never got on with them, Bixby, etc).  I haven't seen this specific answer yet so I'm sharing for non-samsung phone users.

I moved from a Pixel 2 to a Huawei phone, to resync and pair my Frontier S3 to the new phone I performed a reset and lost my paid for watch faces.

Finding them was not easy as the galaxy store apps aren't available (I think) but here is what worked for me.

pair your watc h & phone

install the Galaxy Wearable app on your phone

click on Discover on the bottom of the app (if you're not already on the right screen)

on top watch faces, click on view more

this appears to load up another app

then  click on the options (three lines) in the top right of the new app

some options will appear, watch faces, chart, apps, my apps, settings

click on my apps

then from the next screen click on All

Scroll through until you find your purchased watch face which should have a "purchased MM/DD/YYY" by it 

click on the download icon adjacent to it.


then follow any further prompts; this will download and install on your phone

I haven't found a simpler way to do this when on my non-samsung android phone.


Thank You this worked for me, Once I clicked on the 2 dots and chose open from phone i wa able to download all the watch faces I paid for before upgrading to my note 10 plus!


If you have recently reset the watch or the phone or have paired with a new phone you have to do the following. At the time of setup allow the watch to login with the Samsung ID using the the phone. If you are unable to see all the previously downloaded watch faces under All in My Page go to the Galaxy Store on the watch and allow the required permissions and accept all T&C. Once this is done in the Galaxy Store on the watch click the 3 dots on the right and select 'My Apps'. Wait for sometime all the previously downloaded watch faces will appear. It will take a restart of the phone and the watch and sometime for the watch faces to appear under All in My Page.

It works!!! Thanks xD
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I just discovered that you must turn off the "Show Installed App" to be able to see what you previously installed but are no longer on the watch. I have an Active 2 and that is how I found a face that was accidentally uninstalled.

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Samsung did this to me!! I switched from old s8a to  new s20-5g and it told me to rest my watch, so I did. Once reset at least 30+ watch dial is no longed in my downloaded apps page, but they are in my recites, it shows I paid for them. Some of my favorite dials are no longer on the galaxy site and I PAID FOR THEM. This is totally unacceptable to me, the reason I have the s3 frontier is because I love the dials, but now samsung has stolen them from me, and stolen the money I paid for them. I will never buy another galaxy watch or download another dial

 Samsung has become greedy and dishonest. We buy something if they remove it later? To h3ll with samsung!!!!!!


you have to follow these steps above. 9/3/20 the steps are slightly different but generally the same. I was looking in receipts for purchases w/o much luck but everything I have bought or downloaded is listed under galaxy store-click little dashes (not dots) on left hand upper corner- my apps (not my pages) and then scroll to the right for watches and click. everything I have ever bought or free d/l are listed/available there. I wasted a 1/2 day yesterday looking for my fav watch face after moving from s7 to A71. all is good.. I spent $5 bucks yesterday trying to find a watch face that was sorta like my fav. happy camper today!!!!! 

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