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Weareables app cant connect to Galaxy Buds Live

(Topic created on: 01-08-2023 10:11 PM)
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Hi, today I received my pair of Galaxy Buds Live. When i tried to connect it to my phone (Samsung Galaxy S20FE) i had no issue pairing it and listening to music. However, when I opened the Wear app on my phone it was unable to recognize them, after some trying i got the app to see the Buds but it still was unable to connect and said that my Buds weren't connected to my phone.

After that I left them charging, they were at 40% charge.

I picked them up again to try to connect it to the app on my pc but the same thing happened, the buds were recognized by the app but unable to connect.

I don't understand why this happens. I contacted the seller, and got no response. The item is original, bought new and seal with the original seal and every accessory in the box.


Thank you so much!


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Helping Hand
I'm sorry to be the teller of bad news, but you might have fake ones.

My advice is to contact samsung and they will ask for the serial numbers to check.

Then you can contact the seller with proof and demands.

I hope this helps.