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Watch5 Pro Limited Alarm App

(Topic created on: 22-01-2023 04:35 AM)

Hi all,

I am not entirely sure where I would share something like this. So do advise.

I bought a Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Pro, simply for convenience... Though I've recently come across something that doesn't make it as convenient as I would have liked.

I use the watch (Through Google Assistant) to manage my smart devices and set alarms, all of which I was previously doing on my phone, which the watch does it fact make easier, it's just RIGHT THERE.

So all this is about when I use the watch to set alarms (With Assistant) for when I would need to take my next tablets, telling it what time I need the next alarm for.

Assistant appears to set it... But I recently discovered that the alarm wasn't going off at the times I set them at any more. First I thought it was me... But when I did a test and set a 1 minute alarm, it never went off either. But then deleting all the alarms set in the list and then setting another 1 minute alarm had it set off THAT TIME.

I can only summise that the alarm app on the watch has a very limited number of spaces before it becomes unusable. I never set alarms through the app directly, always choosing to speak to assistant, because it is tons easier to do it that way... My phone is a different story, it has a HUGE list of varying alarm times, all set with Assistant... Yet I can still use Assistant to set new alarms with that fine.

It's just quite inconvenient now, because I'll have to double check that the alarm is truly put into the Alarms app, deleting anything that was previously put in before they suck up the extremely limited room.

I write this in an attempt to share some kind of feedback about this... I'd love to see this resolved so I can go ahead and just set as many alarms as I'd want, indirectly with Google Assistant...


You are right. It seems that the watch can hold upto 20 alarms (GW4 Classic here) and even though Assistant says that an alarm is set, its not added to the list. 

When the max alarms limit is reached and if you try to set an alarm via Bixby, it tells you that you have reached the limit.