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Watch5 Pro constantly disconnecting

(Topic created on: 13-10-2022 04:36 AM)

My Watch5 Pro constantly disconnects. This did not occur with my previous Active2 watch. I've tried...

  1. uninstalling/reinstalling all related apps on phone
  2. resetting watch, multiple times
  3. removing all other BT-connected devices from phone
  4. using watch as factory, no customization at all
  5. removed battery optimization on all Galaxy and Samsung apps

Don't give me any BS that this is for 'Fans'. I've owned Samsung phones for a decade, and S2 was my first watch. Furthermore, your avenues for support boils down to sending my device in for 'repair'. Nothing happens when devices are sent in.

This requires a software update!

Watch 5 pro here 👋
With Samsung galaxy S22 Ultra, up to now no problem

However most possibly this could be the last time, possibly in my life using Android in particular a Galaxy watch

Coming from Apple watch and literally 100s unique Apps designed just for Apple watch ONLY, and all are working and connecting like a dream..and are from very high quality developers....

Suddenly having a Galaxy watch.... I feel like I have taken back to Stone age.... Absolutely Stone age

I am into health and fitness.. Rather than notifications on the watch... There is not a single high quality developer backing the Galaxy watch..
Nike, Adidas, Jefit, Fitbod.. None.. Of them got anything unique for Galaxy watch 5

Sure I know I was out of the topic.. In relation to your question 🙋