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Watch5 LTE help (connectivity and battery)

(Topic created on: 27-01-2023 09:09 PM)
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Hi there. I have the Watch 5 LTE.

I have activated the mobile plan on the wearable app with an esim, however I cannot do anything in regards to messages or calls on my watch when I am out of range of my phone and drop out of the Bluetooth range.

Is there anything else I have to do to enable it to work? (I am on the O2 network in the UK incase this is going out worldwide...)

Also, battery life. I am finding that I have to charge it daily because the battery depletes really quick. On my days off where I am around my phone more often, it lasts an extra half day, but that is about it. Is it a case of if the Bluetooth/LTE is functioning properly it'll work? The only apps that I get notifications on is messages, WhatsApp, and messenger.

Thanks in advance.
Hi - there are numerous posts on the forum regarding problems with connecting watch if on O2 - if you do a search on the forum for " watch O2 " you should be able to find them and may be of some help
Also as I understand it with O2 your phone still has to be on and connected to the network even if you don't have it with you - O2 seem to work a bit differently to Vodafone and EE where they have the watch directly connected to their network. Hope some of the previous posts re settings etc will be of help