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(Topic created on: 23-08-2021 01:36 AM)
I've had it all weekend to mess about with, and this afternoon or tomorrow I have to bag up and send my Active 2 back as part of my deal. But Sunday evening I had to wipe it and take the reactivation lock off it  after having one last look at it and go through the watch, I really don't know if I'm having a good deal, is it because I'm used to it, seems like there's some much more to do with the Active, I know one thing I prefer the old looks didn't realise how square the Watch4 is, and the glass doesn't feel like the Active 2, some of the other feature in the Active 2 I prefer also, but things move on, undoubtedly Tizen will be pushed out, New OS will be come King, but I will he sad to see my Active 2 go, one plus, my old straps fit, got a spare charger now, have to get used to the new one and get on with it, let's hope the Galaxy4 grows on me over the next 2 yrs like the other did. Onward to your new owner Active 2, it was a blast 😪
I got Watch4 classic last Friday, happy I could trade in Huawei and keep my Active 2.
New watch is not perfect yet,some bugs occur mainly Samsung Smart things it just doesn't work as it did on my Active 2 and Gear S3 Frontier
Hope there will be update to thier new hybrid software Samsung Wear OS.
So far I think the main strength of this new watch is integration of Google Wear OS so you have Samsung Pay and Google pay that both can be used if you want, Google maps (need to test it yet) and Samsung Health up is good.
As for hardware I got silver 46 mm watch , it looks like watch , screen is the best (as always with Samsung) bit heavy but I like it, looks cool plus I have plenty of wrist straps from my Active 2 . But I must admit it doesn't look as good as my favourite Frontier S3 .
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Hi @sheplfc74 


Sometimes change is hard  😉

Buyers remorse can be experienced too.

When I changed from one Samsung Watch to my present Samsung Gear s³ Frontier Watch I felt pretty much the same along with the thoughts of do I need this or not  !

Give it time.


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