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Watch and S8 Activities

(Topic created on: 01-10-2018 07:38 PM)

Can someone explain to me how the auto activities are supposed to work from these devices with Samsung Health please? What I have observed


* Galaxy Watch and S8 when logging a walk sometimes shows the map in samsung health at the top but not always


* Galaxy Watch and S8 when logging a walk and the map does show, it only shows a yellow circle over the map  not the actual route


* Galaxy Watch and S8 when logging a walk it sometimes shows the "export as gpx" button at the bottom in the details of the walk in samsung health but not always


* Sometimes the S8 auto records a walk  sometimes the watch does, how does this get determined?


* When the export as gpx button has shown I hand clicked it and it shows the route correctly  so why does it not show the route map in the detail of the walk in the health app? It obviously has the details to do so


* S8 when logging a walk shows the weather  Galaxy Watch doesn't


I am sure there are other inconsistencies /idiosyncrasies which I will add to these when I see them. However, can anyone shed some light into the above please?